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In some cases, that means gay couples are paying more for basic necessities, so they have the potential to run up greater amounts of debt. But because of DOMA, same-sex couples can't file a joint federal return, meaning extra tax prep and higher accountant fees.

Adoption Lawyers for Gay Families. Joint custody is a popular option among divorcing couples. It is often easier than choosing one parent to have sole custody while the other has reasonable parenting time.

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Joint Custody. The term “custody” means that a parent has the right to make the important decisions in a child's life. Even happily married couples have disagreements about decisions regarding their children.

e custody where one parent has both legal and physical custody of a child, and the fourth and last, joint custody, both parents will Currently Florida is the only state in the nation with a s ... (Times p.1) So, what really would be the difference if we let gay or lesbian couples adopt a child jointly?
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